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Dr Botha's story

I was 22 years old, I worked as a cabin attendant for an international airline.  While on holiday in South Africa, a near fatal car accident changed my life forever.  I had a near-death experience, where I met God.  I woke up in ICU a week later with multiple injuries.  Gaping wound in my foot, a broken ankle, multiple tibia, and fibia fractures.  My femur broke through my hip and pelvis.  Apart from all the fractures, my diaphragm ruptured, and my small intestines pushed up into my lung cavity.  My liver tore and was lying on top of my left lung.  I broke ribs and my heart shifted.  I had severe spleen damage and torn ligaments in my knees.  My lungs collapsed and I was on life support.  I was covered in bruises from head to toe, so much so that it looked as if my skin was of a different colour. When they took me off morphine the pain was so severe that I couldn't sleep.  My liver kept on swelling making it almost impossible to breathe due to the pain from my lungs and liver pushing against each other.   My liver would react very badly to the oral pain medication.   I was very embarrassed using a bedpan so I stopped eating which led to a lot of harm done to my intestines.  I couldn't move my arms and they had to do everything for me.  I felt violated.  Even though I knew they were trying to help.  I couldn't have a proper bath or shower because of the traction.  The pain was literally driving me to insanity.  It kept me from having much needed sleep.  I realized that the only way I was going to get through the next 6 weeks was to take control of my mind.  The only part of my body that I still had control over.  I noticed that my mind was so fixed on the pain because it was so overwhelmingly strong.  I prayed for God to lessen the pain. “Psalm 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God for help; He heard my voice out of His temple, and my cry for help before Him came into His ears.” He did it almost immediately.  I fell asleep for 3 hours and although I woke up still in pain, I clearly knew what to do.  I started telling myself to just stay strong and have hope for the next 5 minutes.  I would encourage myself, like a spectator cheering on their favourite team or player.  I couldn't keep my mind busy with a positive book because I couldn't hold it.  I was lying flat on my back as instructed by the doctor. He did not want me to put any more weight on my hip.  This made it impossible even to watch TV.  I had to make a choice to keep my thoughts and mind positive or give in to the excruciating pain. It was just me and myself. God taught me that I needed to focus on His voice.  It was very faint almost like hearing myself think, but the more I focussed on Him, the more hope I had and so it began...just surviving for the next 5 minutes.  At first a minute felt like 10 minutes.  Then I started to focus on the quality of what I was thinking about and what I was telling myself.  I became aware that every time I started to tell myself that the pain was driving me insane the pain would get worse.  When I started to think of all the things I have done, countries I have seen, how blessed I was to have had such a full life that made me feel better.  It wasn't that the pain disappeared I just felt like I could conquer it.  I deliberately started to think about what I was grateful for, this seems to be a feeling that improved the pain.  For as long as I focused my attention on being grateful, the pain was better. I would thank God for knowing Him. Thank Him that I was on a medical aid which enabled me to be in a good private hospital with good care and doctors.  That I could come back and live out a greater cause. After six weeks, I was released from the hospital. I could not walk, because none of my fractures have mended, my body decided to prioritise the urgent so it focused on my injured organs and not on my fractures. I couldn't finish a sentence due to poor lung function. I was weak and in pain, but I have not lost my hope and outlook.  I was determined to live out my purpose: to open a wellness center.  I had no experience, all I had was a revelation, the revelation was that even though the doctors saved my life, they had not expected me to survive and was focusing on treating my symptoms instead of taking the time to look for causes.  I wanted to open a center that was committed to find causes and treat that.  I had a vision and that vision kept me from focusing on the diagnosis:  I will never be able to bear a child and I might never walk again and If I do I will be cripple, but I had hope and faith. Romans:  8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Ten months after my accident I was still in a wheelchair, but hopeful, faithful and positive.  By now I was in rehab for 8 months.  I had terrible gut inflammation, swollen and I had a bowel movement once every 3 to 4 weeks and only when I took laxatives and lots of them all at once.  Then the latest x-rays showed I had developed arthritis and the solution according to the Orthopedic surgeon was to do a hip replacement.  I was 23.  I protested it profusely asking him to not consider the surgery but rather to find the cause to prevent the arthritis from just attacking the next weak spot, my leg. He had no answer.  I felt defeated, well almost… I prayed for a solution and the next morning I happened to meet a man who told me about ozone therapy.  I had nothing to lose.  After seven sessions in the ozone steam cabinet, I went for X-rays again.  To the shock and amazement of the doctor and myself my arthritis was gone and where the fractures were very visible still a weak ago now were fully healed! I healed in all areas of my life. This started my journey. In my twelve years of practice I have seen many people healed.  Some were healed after modern medicine gave up on them.  The more people I saw, in the thousands now, the more I realized that illness needs to be approached from multiple angles: First discover the root causes (SCIO and live blood analysis), Body (ozone, nutrition, digestive health), Mind (neuroscience, NLP), Spirit (prayer, worship).  I have had the humble privilege of being in the front-row seat, witnessing miracles. When I held my son in my arms a few short years later, I was truly grateful.  All honour to God!

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