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Frequently asked questions

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Are you covered by medical aid?

We are a private practice and unfortunately not covered by medical aid. That includes any third party testing (like Ampath) requested by Dr Botha or colleagues. However, some of the medications precribed have Nappi codes and can be used to claim back from your medical aid depending on the plan you have.


Do I get a report after my consultation?

Unfortunatly no reports are given at present. Reports can be requested at an additional fee of R650 and a lead time of 7-10 working days. We recommend that you take notes, pictures or videos during your session. Please note, that these videos and pictures are intended for your personal use, and not ment for public sharing.


Can I eat or drink before my consultation?

Yes, you may eat or drink before your consultation and treatment.


For how long must I use the supplements or stay on the treatment?

All supplements should be used for at least 3 months and/or until your next follow-up. If you are advised to undergo therapy, we advise a minimum of 10 sessions.


How do I order new supplements? Can they be sent to me via courier?

We use Courier Guy to send stock to local patients. An additional R150 will be included with each order to cover the courier cost. A lead time of 2-5 working days will be needed. To place your order: •Send us a list/photo of what you need to replace, and we will send you a quote with EFT details. (Quotes are only valid on the day you received it). •Please send proof of payment via WhatsApp or email to the appropriate branch •No packages will be dispatched before proof of payment has been received. •Please send us your full address and not a pin location, so that we can allocate it appropriately with Courier Guy. •If we do not have stock of the item that you are looking for, we will make recommendations for alternatives if possible.

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