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Our Treatment

  • Mega oxygen R270

  • Hydroshot (60) R610

  • AHCC (60) R970

  • AHCC (15) R260

  • Zilvio (to nebulize with) R85

  • Provid R230

  • Miracle Booster R220

 These products can be couriered to you anywhere in RSA


  • Ozone, Molecular Hydrogen and Rife Combined Treatment - R250 

  • CoMra laser combined with Rife - R350

These recommendations have been used in our practice with great success, you should still consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if your are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment

When we met with Dr Zandre' Botha we didn't know where and whom to turn to anymore.  My son was 7 years old and we have been visiting dietitians and specialists since he was only 18 months old.


No one could help us or explain my sons constant weight gain, fatigue and achy body.

Today due to Dr Botha's guidance and care my son has lost 10kg and is an energetic and life-loving child,  Even teachers noticed the difference without knowing about our lifestyle changes!  No more talk of ADHD medication anymore!

He's confidence is through the roof and he takes on every challenge that comes his way,

We believe in the care that Dr Botha provides to her patients.

Individual tests 

  • HCT (Iron) & HB test R50

  • Glucose test R50

  • Urine Strip test R50

  • Live Blood analysis R350


Rife Pod

The Rife Pod frequency generator that uses micro pulse technology to effectively expose pathogens in your body.

Assist the body's natural immune system, pain relief and you can do this in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Contact us for any info or pricing. 


Theresa Jansen Van Vuuren

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